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                                            NOTTINGHAM AND NOTTS

                                                 FUCHSIA SOCIETY 

                                             JULY 2018 NEWSLETTER 

What is happening in the Garden: 

  • Fruit & Vegetables

Beetroot – All are surviving, they have been kept in shade though due to the hot weather we’ve been experiencing.

Tomatoes – Just potted them all up and keep feeding them.  They are very thirsty plants and I am having to keep a close eye on them as they wilt very quickly. 

  • Perennials/Garden Shrubs etc 

Sunflowers – The sunflowers have been moved to their final positions in the garden.  The sunflower ‘Crimson Queen’ is in full flower and attracts the bees.  The other variety I tried this year ‘Teddy Bear’ is not quite so advanced, but I have two hopefuls, I have potted them up and hoping that they will flower.  My neighbour has done extremely well with his sunflowers this year.  He is very proud of them – and so he should be, we can see the ones he has in the back garden and the sunflower head is enormous!

Asters, ‘giant mixed’ – they are still looking strong, and I have had to stake some of them.  Can’t wait for them to flower!

Petunias; Linaria; Cerinthe; Snapdragons – All have flowered except the snapdragons.  I am still waiting for them to bud up.  The Cerinthe have done well in the hanging baskets, attracting the bees.

Hanging Baskets – Finally I can admit that my hanging baskets are doing well, although the nasturtiums have been plagued with blackfly! 

  • Fuchsia Growing

Bob’s Fuchsia ‘Max Coby’ is still going strong.  I have noticed that it has produced buds which is great news! I have continued to feed and water and keeping most of the fuchsias in the shade where possible as the sun just scorches the leaves.  

I have trimmed my bonsai fuchsias today and hope that they might have some flowers on for the show. 

Cuttings – I have continued to pot up even more cuttings, with some still to do.  Honestly, I really didn’t think I had taken that many cuttings.  I am glad I am finding the time to pot on, because the plants are so much better for it!  

  • Wildlife/Pondlife

It is great to see a variety of wildlife in the garden, not only do we see garden birds such as sparrows; great tits; robins; blackbirds and sometimes even long-tailed tits but we are seeing dragonflies and various species of bees and hoverflies. 


Please note that the above Roadshow will be held on Sunday 23rd September at Coronation Hall, Portland Road, Toton, Nottingham, NG9 6EE.  

** Please note the proximity of this BFS Roadshow, so put it down in your diaries.  Volunteers will also be required to help on the day.  Volunteers also to make homemade cakes as well please*** 


Remember – the Society welcomes any donations that could be considered for the monthly meeting raffle. 


Again, we ask for any donations which will be suitable for our tombola which we hold at the Annual Show. 


Not only do we welcome any plant donations to sell at our plant sales, but also would like donations to sell on our Plant stall at our Annual show in August. 


Also, to all those cooks amongst us – please bring any homemade goodies with you on the day. 


Let’s make sure we reach every corner of the county this year! Word of mouth goes a long way, so tell all your friends and family about our show. If you know of an ideal spot for a poster, go to Keith – make sure there’s one there! Flyers, if you belong to another club, is it possible you can advertise our show at one of their meetings, by putting flyers on the seats or by posting one up on a notice board? At a local Post Office? Or Newsagent or Supermarket?  Posters should also be available at this month’s meeting – see Keith. 


If I haven’t managed to speak to you about support over the Show weekend, please, please, come to me at the meeting.  The show can’t function without your help.   

NEW SCHEDULE check if there have been any changes.  WARNING – this year we have revamped the schedule.  It has been aligned, as near as we were able, to the BFS Annual show schedule; therefore, a majority of class numbers have changed.  

                **please, please ensure you obtain a new schedule.* *



Additional points to consider when GROWING FUCHSIAS FOR SHOW (taken from the Exhibitors, Judges & Stewards Rule Book & Guidelines):- 





A fuchsia flower normally has four sepals.  It is, however, appreciated that some cultivars habitually throw flowers with more than or less than four sepals.  This must not be treated as a cultural fault. 

  • A Single flower has four petals
  • Semi-double flower has five to seven petals.
  • A Double flower has eight or more petals.
  • A semi-double flowered fuchsia must be exhibited in the single flowered or any cultivar classes.
  • Flowers will be appraised on their state of freshness. A fresh flower is one that has not been damaged, and on which the stigma has not wilted or died.  On some cultivars the colour of the corolla may fade over its life cycle, providing the flower is still fresh this will not be considered a cultural fault.  Prematurely opened buds detract from perfection and are obvious in that they are normally immature and smaller than other flowers on the plant and therefore unacceptable. 



    Flowers in flower board classes must have four sepals only. Flowers should also be clean, free from damage, disease or pests, and have the correct number of petals for their class

    • Flowers must be fully open and complete with all floral parts.
    • All floral parts, except the anthers, should be free of pollen.
    • The anthers should be at the stage of development where pollen is about to or has just appeared.
    • Immature flowers will be down pointed, but the exhibit may still be considered for an award.


Floating flowers will be judged for freshness and artistic effect.  The criteria for freshness still applies but flowers need not necessarily comply with other points in the general flower description.




Flowers will be appraised on their state of freshness. A fresh flower is one which the stigma has not wilted or died, or where the floral parts have not suffered physical, water, chemical or light damage.  Any such defects will detract from perfection.  Buds/flowers that have obviously been prematurely opened and as such look immature and smaller are therefore unacceptable.




Derby will be holding their Annual show on Saturday 18th August 2018 (a week after ours) at Swarkestone Nursery, Lowes Lane, off Barrow Lane (A5132) SWARKESTONE, Derby, DE73 7GD.




Staging is between 3.30p.m and 5.30p.m on Friday 17th August and on Saturday from 8.30a.m to 9.45a.m. 


The show is open from 12.30p.m – 5.00p.m and it also includes an exhibition by the Derby & District Bonsai Association.



If anyone wants any item included in the Newsletter, please let me know, either at a meeting, or phone me on Tel: 0115 8758928, or email:  I will gladly include any article or event in the Newsletter. 


Also, if anyone would rather I send them an electronic copy, please let me know. 

Remember: It is YOUR newsletter.




The easiest way for all internet users to help raise funds for our Society is simply by every time you search the Web you use easysearch. Easysearch combines results from Yahoo!, Windows MSN Live Search and in one simple search, the address is  Please try it and encourage others too. Don’t forget if you make any purchases on the internet, to go through our webshop to make sure we receive commission from the retailers (currently over 2000 well known retailers), the address is . 



24th July


Monthly Meeting: Chris Woolston  - Show Talk


11th & 12th Aug

Nottingham & Notts 46th Annual Show – at Attenborough Village Hall, Attenborough Lane, Attenborough, Nottingham (sat nav NG9 6AB). Open to the Public: Saturday: 1.30p.m – 5.00p.m. Sunday: 9.00a.m – 4.00p.m.  ADMISSION £1.00


18th Aug

Derby & District Fuchsia & Gardening Club Annual Show - at Swarkestone Nursery, Lowes Lane, off Barrow Lane, (A5132), SWARKESTONE, Derby, DE73 7GQ. Open to the Public – 12.30p.m – 5.00p.m.  ADMISSION FREE


19th Aug

BFS Midland Show – at Palmers Garden Centre, Lutterworth Road, Ullesthorpe, Leicestershire, LE17 5DR. Open to the public from 12.00p.m – 4.00p.m. ADMISSION FREE


28th Aug

Monthly Meeting: Mike Davey on Plant Propagation


8th & 9th Sep

Long Eaton & District Horticultural Society Autumn Show - held at the Coronation Hall, Portland Road, Toton, Nottingham NG9 6EE - 2.00p.m to 5.00p.m on the Saturday and 10.0am to 3.45p.m Sunday. ADMISSION FREE




Remember our next meeting

Will be

Tuesday 28TH August 2018











If anyone has been searching for a long lost fuchsia, then why not ask your friends at the society!  The Noticeboard will now be on show at our monthly meetings, and at the bottom of your newsletter, there is a form.  Complete and attach to the noticeboard. Simple!