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I haven’t been spending much time in my garden recently so it’s no wonder that when I did get out there, I found there were lots of jobs to do!  I needed to prune back my shrubs and perennials in the front garden so that I could see my path clearly again.  At the back, my fuchsia Magellanica, Kerria Japonica and Ribes all need trimming back (this will need to be a job for next weekend!) I still have my wall baskets to plant up and a couple of hanging pots.  Still, I am pleased that I have been able to pot on my seedlings which I have grown from seed this year: Hare’s Tail; Linaria and Nemesia.  Nemesia is quite popular in the Garden Centre at the moment and I am quite taken with the dark pinks and mauves that are around.  My seedlings, however, are more of an orange and yellow, still I’m pleased they even germinated!  I have four sunflowers (that Bob had been looking after) that have taken prime position on my patio and have been repotted several times now and are looking strong and one is just about to flower. 

My planters are all doing very well; the ferns and heucheras making lots of new growth.  My stumpery is equally doing well and I have recently planted three ‘flowering ferns’ which I bought from Lincoln Garden Show the other week.  They are not ferns at all, but corms.  However, apparently, the leaves are fern-like.  I can’t wait for these to grow.  I am making sure that I keep my Acers well watered this year as previously, they have suffered from too dry conditions which have resulted in white mildew (it’s the best way to describe it) on the leaves and I want to avoid the same from happening this year.  I have also treated one with Provado as I also seem to be troubled with our arch enemy, the vine weevil as the leaves are eaten away, again something I want to avoid this year! 

Whilst tending to my garden, I must try not to neglect my fuchsias and have been regularly feeding and pinching out in a half-hearted attempt to get some ready for the show-bench.  Most are looking healthy which is promising!

I need to look at my show fuchsia to see how that is doing, I must admit that this has been pushed to the back of my greenhouse and needs to be inspected sooner rather than later!  Hopefully yours are being cared for better than mine!  

Last month, Eddie Munro talked about growing fuchsias.  Here are a few hints and tips which I noted down: -


Propagating Fuchsias:

  • Instead of an expensive propagator, why not use a pop bottle cut in half.
  • Plant up round the outer circle of the pot. 

Feeding Fuchsias:

  • Best time to start feeding – Spring with a nitrogen feed
  • To encourage flowers use tomorite or a liquid fertilizer, or a balanced feed such as Chempak. 

Pests & Diseases

  • Best way to eradicate the vine weevil – squash them! However, you still have their eggs to contend with, so use Provado twice yearly.
  • To keep off whitefly – use fairy liquid 

How to prepare a 10” hanging pot:

  • Use just one cultivar per pot.  Eddie recommends Eva Boerg.
  • Five plants per pot.              



Just in case you missed last month’s newsletter:

Engraving of Trophies

It was agreed at the last Committee meeting that following the presentation of Trophies on the Sunday (9th August); the trophies will be collected in and be engraved on mass.  They will then be available to collect at the August monthly meeting.  It was felt then the winners could display the trophies with pride as their names would be engraved confirming that they were this year’s winners! 



Trophies – Reminder!

Can everyone return their trophies back next (July’s) meeting please in readiness for the show.


Cakes & Pastries

Also, all those cooks amongst us please bring any homemade goodies with you on the day. Volunteers are needed to help man the stall.



All donations welcome, as long as they are in decent condition and in good working order, bring to any meeting leading up to the show, or on the day.


Support wanted! Friends and family also welcome!

Anyone able to spare a few hours or a whole day, please let me know, if you can man a stall for a few hours; man the entrance table; wash up a few dishes in the kitchen, help get the room ready Friday afternoon and to tidy up at the end of the show – the more helpers we can get the better the show we can put on! 

Promote! Promote! Promote!

Let’s make sure we reach every corner of the county this year! Word of mouth goes a long way, so tell all your friends and family about our show. If you know of an ideal spot for a poster, go to Keith – make sure there’s one there! Flyers, if you belong to another club, is it possible you can advertise our show at one of their meetings, by putting flyers on the seats or by posting one up on a notice board? At a local Post Office? Or Newsagent or Supermarket?


If anyone wants any item included in the Newsletter, please let me know, either at a meeting, or phone me on Tel: 0115 8758928, or email:  I will gladly include any article or event in the Newsletter.  

Also, if anyone would rather I send them an electronic copy, please let me know. 

Remember: It is YOUR newsletter. 


The easiest way for all internet users to help raise funds for our Society is simply by every time you search the Web you use easysearch. Easysearch combines results from Yahoo!, Windows MSN Live Search and in one simple search, the address is  Please try it and encourage others too. Don’t forget if you make any purchases on the internet, to go through our webshop to make sure we receive commission from the retailers (currently over 2000 well known retailers), the address is .













30 June – 5 July

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

11 July

Long Eaton & District Horticultural Society SUMMER Show - held at the United Reformed Church, Midland Street, Long Eaton.  10.00a.m to 4.00p.m.  ADMISSION FREE

22 – 26 July

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

28 July

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Arthur Phillips – SHOW TALK

Meeting starts at 7.45p.m

30 July

Open Garden – June has agreed to open her garden again this year. All members welcome £1 admission – All proceeds towards the Society

8 – 9 August

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Show – ANNUAL SHOW at Attenborough Village Hall, Attenborough.

15 August

Derby & District Fuchsia & Gardening Club– at Swarkestone Nursery, Lowes Lane, Swarkestone, Derby, DE73 7GQ. 12.30p.m to 5.00p.m.  AMPLE CAR PARKING.

16 August

BFS Midland Show – Palmers Garden Centre, Lutterworth Road, Ullsthorpe, Leicestershire, LE17 5DR – times to be confirmed

25 August

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Fred Hunderhay – FUCHSIAS

Meeting starts at 7.45p.m



12 – 13 September

Long Eaton & District Horticultural Society AUTUMN Show - held at the Coronation Hall, Toton, 2.00p.m to 5.00p.m on the Saturday and 10.0am to 3.45pm Sunday.


22 September

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Tony Taylor – ORCHIDS

Meeting starts at 7.45p.m

27 October

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Geoff Smith –OVERWINTERING FUCHSIAS

Meeting starts at 7.45p.m

24 November

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – AGM and Christmas Buffet

Meeting starts at 7.45p.m