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                                            NOTTINGHAM AND NOTTS


October 2015 NEWSLETTER

I’m pleased to say that all my fuchsias have been cut back; defoliated; treated with armillatox; late cuttings taken. All my mini greenhouses have been cleaned and new covers purchased where necessary. I always like this time of year as I start thinking ahead to next year and dream of the many different classes I plan to enter with each cultivar I happen to be working on! Nothing wrong in dreaming! 

I have managed to sort my fuchsias into some kind of order as I mentioned last month, so hopefully come next year, it will make it easier for me to concentrate on show plants etc and to decide which ones I want to use in my baskets and planters. 

Last week I had the opportunity to cut back a lot of my perennials and was pleased with the progress I made. I cut back my montebretia; my everlasting sweet peas and passion flower. I also cut back (yet again!) my Kerria Japonica and Ribes. I still have plenty more chopping to do and would like to give the garden a real good mulch before the winter frosts set in. I will also have to keep an eye on my pond especially as the leaves start to fall – I’m glad I had my big trees cut back at the bottom of my garden last year as it’s made a lot of difference. Less leaves to dredge out of the pond as well as there being more light in the garden in general. 

If you haven’t managed to overwinter your fuchsias yet, then tonight’s talk will be of great interest as Geoff will be covering the subject of overwintering fuchsias. 

I’m sure that Geoff will expand on this subject so will only cover the subject briefly: -

CALENDAR OF CARE (months 10 – 12) 


Remove Plants from the garden if they are to be overwintered under glass. Trim top growth halfway back and stop feeding altogether. Water sparingly. Check that glass is lean and that insulation is effective before providing artificial heat. Dead-head hardy fuchsias out of doors. 


Trim hardy plants to half their size, clean borders and mulch with, for example, bark to protect against frosts. Take care not to overwater fuchsias kept indoors. Check that heaters are working and make use of maximum/minimum thermometers to ensure optimum conditions are provided whenever possible. 


Take special care of any small fuchsias being overwintered under heated glass. Handle plants frequently and pay special attention to disease-control measures. Light is now at its lowest. Do not be tempted to use too much heat or nitrogen. Order catalogues so new fuchsias can be bought early.



Thelma is searching for this particular cultivar. If anyone can help, please let Thelma or myself know.


P.S. If anyone else is looking for a specific cultivar, let me know and I can mention it in next month’s newsletter. 

SOCIETY NEWS! - A.G.M & Christmas Buffet – 24th November 2015

Please remember that next month’s meeting is our AGM and remember to bring along some tasty treats for our buffet.


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