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September 2016 NEWSLETTER

The weather seems so unpredictable at the moment. We have had the hottest day in September for many a year whilst some places have suffered severe flash flooding, it’s no wonder the plants are confused! Anyway, I am beginning to prepare for winter in as much as tidying the fuchsias; ensuring that I clear away all debris and am starting to defoliate as well. Some, I have even cut back. I still find time to admire the flowers though and making a mental note which ones I rather like and hope to persevere with next year. Unfortunately, some have not even flowered yet! They all seem to be at different stages, especially some that I have acquired for the 1st time this year, I am yet to see their flowers! 

I am pleased that the cuttings I have taken earlier on in the season are looking strong. The next challenge is to successfully overwinter them! 

Bonsai Fuchsias – I am getting more and more interested in Bonsai Fuchsias and have started on many more this year. I was lucky enough to go to Derby Fuchsia Society’s September monthly meeting and listened intently to their speaker who was talking about Bonsais (Bonsais in general not just Bonsai Fuchsia growing!) I found this very interesting and learnt a few more technical terms to do with Bonsai Fuchsia growing:


Jin – a dead branch

Akadama – a Japanese growing medium

Penjing – Chinese Bonsai

Osmosis – the process whereby water and nutrient are absorbed by the roots

Cascade style – a style of Bonsai – there are plenty more!


I also made a visit to Greenwood Bonsai Studios, off the A614 Doncaster Road, on the 10th September as they were holding an Open day. I was able to learn more about Bonsai techniques and watched the expert at work! He made it look very easy! If you are interested in Bonsais, it is really worth a visit. 


Curly Kale – these germinated, but unfortunately the slugs and snails got to the young plants before I had chance to protect them! Grrr….

Beetroot – these are growing quite nicely, I need to pull one up to see how big (if at all!) the actual beetroot is!

Oriental Vegetables – I was quite excited when these started shooting. Bob had looked on the internet and found some very interesting recipes. I thought I was doing alright, there were flowers…but that is where it has stopped – no sign of any vegetables – disappointing!

Potatoes – I grew 5 seed potatoes (variety = Amber). I have had a fairly ok crop, although Bob wasn’t too fussed with the taste especially once we found out that they were salad potatoes and NOT roast potatoes!

Tomatoes – I had been given quite a few plants from a friend, unknown varieties and whilst, there seems to be quite a good crop on each plant, they are taking a long time to ripen. 


Sweet Peas – unsuccessful!

Sweet Honesty – I am pleased to say that I raised around a dozen plants and these have been planted in the garden. I am hoping for them to come up next year and flower.

Astrantia – Luckily I have managed to pot on 6 plants and subsequently I have also planted these in the garden they have flowered this year and fingers crossed, will come back next year. 

SOCIAL MEAL – 6th October – The Clock Warehouse, Shardlow – 7.00p.m for 7.30p.m

Anyone interested in joining us, please put your name down.



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27th September

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – John Gibson – Daffodils - Meeting starts at 7.45p.m (Joint Meeting with Derby Fuchsia Society)


6th October

Social Evening – Meal – Clock Warehouse, Shardlow – 7.00p.m for 7.30p.m


25th October

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Fred Hunderhay – Overwintering Fuchsias - Meeting starts at 7.45p.m


22nd November

AGM & Christmas Buffet – starting at 7.45p.m


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Colin is looking for the following Bob Pacey cultivars. If anyone can provide him with a plant or cutting, he’d be most grateful:


City of Leicester

Rutland Water

Belvoir Castle

Belvoir Elf

Bobs Best**

Bobs Choice**

Robin Pacey

Radcliffe Beauty


If anyone has Bobs Choice or Bobs Best, I’d also be very grateful!


**If anyone is searching for a specific cultivar, let me know, and I can include it under this section in the newsletter.**




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