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                                             NOTTINGHAM AND NOTTS



Well, my garden is well and truly sodden! But the rain hasn’t stopped me. On one of my days off, I was determined to finish off pinching out and turning my pots, so there I was in the pouring rain, messing around with my fuchsias. My neighbours must have thought I was mad! I have also spent far too much time picking off slugs from my plants – there is definitely too much slug activity this year! 

I am still way behind this year and as yet I still haven’t managed to pot up any of my hanging baskets. I’m wondering whether to bother at all this year… My lawn is up to my knees and weeds are everyway. I am however, spending most of my free time concentrating on my fuchsias. I have been taking cuttings and these now (well, most of them!) have been potted up, all labelled and all look very promising. I have also tidied up my bonsai fuchsias and have a few more additions to my collection. I have at least another 3 which I want to work on, but have run out of fuchsia pots – maybe a trip to Greenwood Bonsai Studios is called for! If anyone is interested in Bonsai, not just Fuchsia Bonsai but normal Bonsai, it is well worth a visit – It is located off the A614 Doncaster road. I have also started a couple of standard whips off this year. I hope I can overwinter them and maybe, just maybe they will be good enough to show next year. 

Missing mischievous cat – I was looking out of the kitchen window one day, when I noticed a couple of our neighbours, looking, well what I first thought was that they were looking underneath my car. I went outside as I was very curious by this time. I found out that they were looking for a lost cat. Suddenly we all heard this meowing from our garage. Yes, you’ve guessed it; the cat was trapped in our garage. I can now recollect working in the front garden maybe the day previous and sure enough this black and white cat was very inquisitive and playful and kept going into the garage. When I had finished, however, I was positive that I had checked the garage for any rogue cat, but obviously I didn’t check well enough. 

Bees – Whilst working in the garden, I had noticed that there was a lot of bee activity inside the garage – maybe 3 or 4 flying in and out. Eventually they would try and dive-bomb me whilst I was working. My husband had cause to venture inside the garage and he has confirmed that we may have a nest. Something else, we need to sort out! 

I visited Gardener’s World LIVE again this year with my mum. It has become a tradition; we have hardly missed a visit since the mid-90’s. We love to go round the show gardens and this year was no exception. There were some very inspirational gardens and we felt that some plant combinations worked better than others. However, it is all very subjective. This year the organizers (Wyevale Garden Centres) approached local schools and encouraged them to enter the Wheelbarrow competition. Wheelbarrows were planted up (like miniature gardens) and some were very imaginative. We also went into the Floral Marquee, where we soon found the various Fuchsia Nurseries displaying their glorious blooms: - Fuchsiavale Nurseries; C S Lockyer Nurseries and Potash Nurseries. I think Roualeyn Nurseries were also there, but we missed that one. A few purchases later and we were ready to sit in on the first talk/demonstration of the day. This was at the Gardeners’ Advice & Demo Bench: ‘Flowers from the Farm’. It was a demonstration on how to arrange a vase using native flowers – a kind of plug to ‘BUY BRITISH!’ The next hour or two was spent at the Good Food Show, where we tasted quite a few wines and spirits, along with a few cheeses and cakes. Most enjoyable! 

We sat in on another two talks during the afternoon – Growing Vegetables in containers with Carol Klein (which turned out to be growing Flowers in a container!) followed by a demonstration by Matt Biggs on growing herbs. To finish off the day we listened to Anne Swithinbank demonstrate how to plant up a Vegtrug with salad, vegetables and herbs. All very interesting. If you have never visited Gardener’s World LIVE before, it is truly worth visiting. Full of new innovative ideas. I can guarantee that there will be something for everyone. 

SHOW TALK:It won’t be long now until the show and to ensure that we put on a good show, positions need to be filled! Any volunteers please let me know!



Assistant required to work in a very busy but friendly kitchen. Hours negotiable. Saturday and/or Sunday.

Contact Jayne Daykin for further details. 


Eager and willing Assistant required to job shadow an enthusiastic Fuchsia Grower. Role includes explaining to customers how to take cuttings; what kind of compost to use etc; pests and diseases and when and how to pot on. Experience optional.

Contact Jayne Daykin for further details.


Assistants required to help man our popular Plant stall over the 2 days. Knowledge of fuchsias optional. Part-time or job share will be considered.

Contact Jayne Daykin for further details


Friendly attendant required for both Saturday and Sunday to man stall over the 2 days. Will consider part-time applicants as well as job-share. Role includes storing prizes leading up to show day; labeling and displaying on table. Required to arrive early to set up.

Contact Jayne Daykin for further details. 


Assistant required to run Plant tombola. Tasks will include setting up plants on stands and sorting out the tickets, therefore, attendant would be required Saturday morning to ensure all is in place for when the doors open at 1.30p.m.

Contact Jayne Daykin for further details. 


Administrative role on offer to someone who is eager to gain an insight into the ‘Behind the Scenes’ on Show day and to support a very busy Show Secretary.Training will be provided. Lucky applicant will be required Friday Evening and Saturday.

Contact Jayne Daykin for further details. 


Opportunity for anyone with a welcoming smile and have clear communication skills. 2 positions are on offer and able to consider part-time or job share.

Contact Jayne Daykin for further details


Friendly individual required to man cake stall – part-time volunteers also welcome.

Contact Jayne Daykin for further details.


Helpers needed to help set up Friday afternoon. Tasks involved will be to put up tables; erect stands; and erect 2 gazebos. Helpers will also be needed to dismantle everything Sunday afternoon after the show.

Contact Jayne Daykin for further details  


Remember – the Society welcomes any donations that could be considered for the monthly meeting raffle.


Again, we ask for any donations which will be suitable for our tombola which we hold at the Annual Show.


Not only do we welcome any plant donations to sell at our plant sales, but also would like donations to sell on our Plant sale in August at our Annual show. 


Also, to all those cooks amongst us – please bring any homemade goodies with you on the day. 


Can everyone bring their trophies to next month’s meeting (July) please in readiness for the show. 


Let’s make sure we reach every corner of the county this year! Word of mouth goes a long way, so tell all your friends and family about our show. If you know of an ideal spot for a poster, go to Keith – make sure there’s one there! Flyers, if you belong to another club, is it possible you can advertise our show at one of their meetings, by putting flyers on the seats or by posting one up on a notice board? At a local Post Office? Or Newsagent or Supermarket?





2 Jul


Start singles on high potash feed.


9 Jul



16 Jul



23 Jul


Check schedule


30 Jul



6 Aug


Start finalizing your entries in readiness for our. Please bear in mind, if you are entering other shows, you may have to submit your entry sometimes a week BEFORE the show.



13 Aug






Things you can be doing in July:

- Continue to feed plants on a regular basis with either a high Potash feed or Chempak Fully Balanced Feed.

- You should all have an idea which plants you have put aside for showing so keep turning them to ensure they grow upright and not at an angle.

- Keep a close eye on them, looking out for pests and any sign of disease.

- Keep tidying the surface of your pots, removing any dead leaves etc. This will help prevent disease, but also reduce the amount of preparation work you will have to do just before or on show day.

- For the same reason, keep pots clean. 



If anyone wants any item included in the Newsletter, please let me know, either at a meeting, or phone me on Tel: 0115 8758928, or email: I will gladly include any article or event in the Newsletter.

Also, if anyone would rather I send them an electronic copy, please let me know.

Remember: It is YOUR newsletter.



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28th June

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Mike DaveyDos & Don’ts of Showing

Meeting starts at 7.45p.m

2nd July


Long Eaton & District Horticultural Society SUMMER Show - held at the United Reformed Church, Midland Street, Long Eaton. 10.00a.m to 4.00p.m. ADMISSION FREE

5th – 10th July

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show


26th July

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Sid Garcia – Fuchsia Show Talk - Meeting starts at 7.45p.m

20th – 24th July

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park


13th – 14th August

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Show – ANNUAL SHOW at Attenborough Village Hall, Attenborough.


20th August

Derby Fuchsia Society ANNUAL SHOW held at Swarkestone Nursery – 1.30p.m – 4.30p.m.


23rd August

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Alan Soloman – Triphylla Fuchsias - Meeting starts at 7.45p.m


10th – 11th September

Long Eaton & District Horticultural Society AUTUMN Show - held at the Coronation Hall, Toton, 2.00p.m to 5.00p.m on the Saturday and 10.0am to 3.45pm Sunday.


27th September

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – John Gibson – Daffodils - Meeting starts at 7.45p.m (Joint Meeting with Derby Fuchsia Society)


25th October

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Fred Hunderhay – Overwintering Fuchsias - Meeting starts at 7.45p.m


22nd November

AGM & Christmas Buffet – starting at 7.45p.m