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                             NOTTINGHAM AND NOTTS FUCHSIA SOCIETY


It’s been a very busy month; I really don’t know where the time has gone.  I don’t think I’ve spent much time in the garden, that’s for sure!  I just seem to spend all my time watering. However, on one of my rare visits round the garden, I am still plagued with my rather rampant climber, which I mentioned in May’s newsletter and despite several attempts to clear it; it seems to come back with avengeance!  Not sure what it is, I have taken a photo of it on my phone in the hope that someone at work can identify it for me. 

My flowering ferns.  Two out of three are now flowering and I’m quite pleased with the results.  They definitely add a bit of colour to my stumpery – I just need to find out whether I need to lift them over winter. 

Do we care for our fuchsias too much? Would they do better if we neglected them a little?  I ask this simply because I was at the back of the garden, near my compost heap when I had to look twice because a bushy plant had caught my eye literally on the compost heap. I looked closer and yes, the leaves definitely looked like fuchsia leaves.  It wasn’t in a plant pot, it had just been thrown away, discarded.  I think I know what must have happened – when checking my fuchsias back in March/April time, I must have thought it was dead – how wrong was I!  I have now put it in a pot (it’s the least I could have done!), given it a water and feed but left it near the compost heap as it was doing so well there previously.  

Resident Pigeon – (well for about 36 hours anyway!) I was doing my daily water when less than a metre away from me sat a pigeon, resting on a Hebe (Hebe Waikiki).  It didn’t flinch or fly off, just sat there, looked at me and blinked!  I carried on watering, which meant walking past him on several occasions, still no further movement.  I called Bob and both of us joined our pigeon in the garden.  Bob took some photos, our pigeon posed for the camera.  In the morning the first thing I did was look out of the window and still the pigeon was sat, quite placidly.  I was relieved, because to me, he was easy prey.  Bob continued the vigil while I was at work and reported that perhaps half way through the morning he jumped off the Hebe waddled across the lawn heading towards the pond.  I searched the pond and surrounding areas and found no trace, which I can only assume is a good thing.  We believe the pigeon was a youngster (very colourful). 

Resident Bees - I have a rusty broken hanging basket stand which is now lying on its side on the lawn, waiting to be moved.  I noticed a bee continually pop inside with pieces of leaves which it had cleverly (and quickly) torn from a nearby bush.  They do choose the silliest of places to build a home!  Probably have to leave the stand where it is now for a while! 


 Well… not long to go now before our Annual Show.  I hope everyone is busy tending their fuchsias and will at least be able to enter one class.  I’ve been looking at mine recently and at times I think, yes I have a few that are potential candidates and then another day I’ll look and think, oh dear! I’ll have to give it a miss and concentrate on taking cuttings this year instead! I have also found quite a few misshapen ones.  Good job I like Bonsai! I hope you all have more self-confidence than me and we’ll see an increase not only in the number of entries but also the number of exhibitors!

Here’s a few past articles which you may find interesting and useful as we head on towards ‘D’ Day!  Also we have Arthur Phillips speaking to us tonight who will be able to share his wealth of knowledge with us and give us some tips. 


By now you should all have an idea which plants you will be showing come 8th August, just a few reminders: - 

  • Refer to the Schedule (read the small print!).Make sure you know staging time: Friday 8th August, 6pm – 7pm AND Saturday 9th August, 7.15am – 10.15am.
  • Judging – will commence at 10.30am prompt Saturday 10th August.
  • Entries – Entries must be made on the official entry form. All entries must be received by 10.15am on the Saturday of the show.
  • Quantity – No limit to the number of entries in each class unless otherwise specified. 

If you haven’t shown before, don’t worry, give it a try, the stewards are there to help you. ENJOY!!!!!! 


Fuchsias are essentially plants of the people, the majority of gardeners wishing to enjoy their exotic beauty in house, greenhouse or garden. However, there is a body of enthusiasts who have an inborn competitiveness. Showing fuchsias encourages excellence in cultivation, which is no bad thing, and much of what is written here can help to improve fuchsias in home and garden as well. 


Before entering into the show world it is important to find out at first hand what is involved, not just in the cultivation of the plants, but also the results that are expected. An indication of the standards to be reached can be more quickly and readily appreciated by a visit to a specialist show. 

To find out exactly what a judge looks for, consider being a steward for a day (there are special courses available). Many stewards ask judges if they will give reasons for their decisions, and in a close finish for an award it may be just a small factor like a dirty pot or label that will tip the balance. The top of the pot may be covered with moss or algae, or perhaps have one or two lingering dead leaves or flowers on it – presentation is so very important. All such points will be freely imparted by most judges, giving a real insight into the show world. 

The annual show is the shop window of any local fuchsia society. Speakers have encouraged members to improve their techniques during the winter months, and show day is when their advice is put to the test. It is tremendous fun being involved with the annual show, especially as an exhibitor. Even when the greenhouse looks full of plants that are too far gone or not quite ready, take a chance and exhibit – it is much more satisfying being a participant than a spectator. If your plants are not ready on the day, those of many fellow members are likely to be similarly placed. So, in fact, any well-grown plant should have a chance of a card. Remember, too, that a plant always looks better when properly staged on a show bench than when growing in a greenhouse. 


  1. Make sure that all plants are free from pests and diseases.
  2. Remove all spotted, yellow or discoloured leaves.
  3. Remove any marked or faded blossoms.
  4. Remove seed pods or berries, except on species and those referred to as species types.
  5. Make sure that pots are clean and not cracked, chipped or split (use new pots).
  6. Scrape stale compost and debris from the pot surface. Replace with fresh compost.
  7. Adjust any branches that are out of place. Tie them in discreetly with green twine and stake carefully if necessary.
  8. Lift out any blooms and buds that are hidden by foliage.
  9. Water well on the morning of the show, wetting only the compost, never the flowers or foliage.
  10. Provide a new, clear, well-written label. 


  1. Check that entries are correct: single-flowered plants in single classes, semi-double in single or multi-pot classes, double-flowered plants in double classes.
  2. Check that labeling is complete and correct.
  3. Tease out any leaves or blossoms that have become misplaced on the journey.
  4. Remove any fading leaves and blossoms.
  5. Move each plant around until its best side is facing the judges.
  6. In classes for multiport entries, raise the rear plants up slightly by placing an upturned saucer under them. Never balance plants upon an upturned plant pot; this is too precarious.
  7. When an odd plant in multiport entries is smaller than the rest, place it at the front of the exhibit. Those behind do not then require raising at all.
  8. Do not water plants before judging takes place. It does not endear the judge to your exhibit if she or he gets soaked when examining a plant, and if you use a saucer this often sticks to the pot and can cause damage when it drops off, as well as splashing water everywhere to the general detriment of the exhibit. (When the show is longer than a single day, saucers are usually placed beneath each plant by a member of the show committee to permit watering).
  9. When you think that you have finished staging your exhibits, look around at the competition. Will your plants compete satisfactorily? If not, is there anything else that you can do by way of presentation to ensure that they do? 


EXtract from ‘The Fuchsia Book’ by Allan Waddington & Philip Swindells.




I thought it worthwhile including this article which I wrote back in 2011 (it doesn’t seem that long ago!) and felt it may give our new members more of an insight into what to expect on Show Day: - 






  • Staging recommences at 7.15a.m till 10.15a.m and continues in earnest with the Treasurer in situ to accept entries from 7.45a.m.
  • Show Manager (Mick Leighton), his Assistant (Keith Cocking) & Stewards will be at hand to offer advice and guidance.
  • Stewards this year are: June Lemon; Lyndon Clements; Pete Harvey
  • To help you on the day, complete the entry form prior to staging, that way you will know which exhibits belong to which class.
    • Exhibitors need to go to Treasurer (Derek Shaw) to register exhibits and for those who have not exhibited before, Derek will explain procedure.
  • Meanwhile…. In the Kitchen

    • Ruth and Jenny will be busy preparing the salads etc, not just for us but for the public, cutlery and plates will be spotless.
    • Salads are prepared for the Judges, Stewards, President, Vice President etc.
    • Tables and chairs will need to be arranged outside, with tablecloths, sugar bowls etc.

    Meanwhile… On the Plant Tombola

    • Staging to be erected.
    • A proportion of the bought plants will be set aside for both days.
    • Raffle tickets need to be put on the pots and then duplicates plus additional ones folded up and put in the bucket.

    Meanwhile… On the Plant Stall

    • The remaining Plants are arranged on the tables, usually by cultivar and whether they are hardy, upright, trailing etc.

    Meanwhile… On the Tombola

    • All prizes arrive and are displayed on the table – tickets will already have been attached and duplicates folded up in readiness prior to opening.

    Meanwhile… On the Cake Stall

    • Cakes donated by our members start appearing and are priced up.

    Meanwhile… On the Demonstration Table

    • Compost, Grit and fuchsias at different stages of growth are put on display in readiness to offer advice to the public.

    Meanwhile… Miscellaneous tasks

    • Floats are distributed to the stallholders (actually if the stallholders could obtain the float from the Treasurer, that would be better).
    • Staging is erected to display Cups and Trophies.
    • Banners are erected on Stage and on the Gazebo outside.
    • Signs are erected outside to help bring in the crowds – this is usually done whilst judging is taking place.
    • Ensure Entrance table is equipped with monitoring forms, pens, details of speakers and flyers.
    • Ensure copy of timetable is given to everyone, if not distributed sooner.
    • Relevant signage is erected to ensure that the public are aware of the various stalls as well as the exhibits.
    • All stallholders need to be in position to welcome the public when the doors open at 1.30p.m.
    • Helpers who have ordered salads need to make sure that they have eaten and are ready to man stalls in readiness for our show being open to the public. 


    • All exhibits must be registered and on the show bench by 10.15a.m.
    • Everyone except the Treasurer, Judge and Stewards need to leave the hall once judging commences at 10.30a.m prompt. 

    I am sure that I have missed innumerable tasks and for that, I apologise, but hopefully, if you have not been involved before, this has helped in some way. 

    • Helpers who have ordered salads need to make sure that they have eaten and are ready to man stalls in readiness for our show being open to the public. 


    • All exhibits must be registered and on the show bench by 10.15a.m.
    • Everyone except the Treasurer, Judge and Stewards need to leave the hall once judging commences at 10.30a.m prompt.


    I am sure that I have missed innumerable tasks and for that, I apologise, but hopefully, if you have not been involved before, this has helped in some way.


    SHOW TIME! (Part 2)


    Trophies – Reminder!

    Hopefully everyone has returned them in readiness for the show.


    Cakes & Pastries

    Also, all those cooks amongst us please bring any homemade goodies with you on the day.



    All donations welcome, as long as they are in decent condition and in good working order, bring to any meeting leading up to the show, or on the day.


    Support wanted!

    Anyone able to spare a few hours or a whole day, please let me know, if you can man a stall for a few hours; man the entrance table; wash up a few dishes in the kitchen, help get the room ready Friday afternoon and to tidy up at the end of the show – the more helpers we can get the better the show we can put on!


    Flyers, if you belong to another club, is it possible you can advertise our show at one of their meetings, by putting flyers on the seats or by posting one up on a notice board? At a local Post Office? Or Newsagent or Supermarket?  Mail shots will also be taking place to spread the word around the Attenborough area.


    Adverts in Local Magazines – I have submitted articles in all local free magazines and Bob has very kindly scanned and submitted the poster on line to various ‘spotted sites’ on Facebook.  Yet another way of reaching the public to let them know that we are out there and that we have a show which will be well worth coming to see!


    Promote! Promote! Promote!

    Let’s make sure we reach every corner of the county this year! Word of mouth goes a long way, so tell all your friends and family about our show. If you know of an ideal spot for a poster, I have some spare – make sure there’s one there! Hopefully there will be posters in all local Garden Centres.  I also put one in the back of my car.  Also very useful this year, as I’m parked in Timmermans Garden Centre 5 days a week! Stapleford; Long Eaton & Beeston Councils will be given posters to put up in their free-standing notice boards in the Town Centres




    ANOTHER SOCIAL EVENINGmeal at the Manor, Toton, 2nd October, at 7.30p.m.  Please let me know if you are interested.  The more the merrier! 



    Bob has found another way to try to raise funds for the society. If you have any unwanted CD’s or DVD’s he can put them together in one package and send to either Musicmagpie or Zapper to raise funds. If you have any, please pass to me at any meeting and I will pass on to Bob. 

    Bob would also like to ask for any used stamps you may have (GB and/or overseas), he sends these to the RSPB for one of their appeals (Save the Albatross). Thank you! 



    The easiest way for all internet users to help raise funds for our Society is simply by every time you search the Web you use easysearch. Easysearch combines results from Yahoo!, Windows MSN Live Search and in one simple search, the address is  Please try it and encourage others too. Don’t forget if you make any purchases on the internet, to go through our webshop to make sure we receive commission from the retailers (currently over 2000 well known retailers), the address is .







    8 – 9 August

    Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Show – ANNUAL SHOW at Attenborough Village Hall, Attenborough.


    15 August

    Derby & District Fuchsia & Gardening Club – at Swarkestone Nursery, Lowes Lane, Swarkestone, Derby, DE73 7GQ. 12.30p.m to 5.00p.m.  AMPLE CAR PARKING.

    16 August

    BFS Midland Show – Palmers Garden Centre, Lutterworth Road, Ullsthorpe, Leicestershire, LE17 5DR – times to be confirmed

    25 August

    Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Fred Hunderhay – FUCHSIAS

    Meeting starts at 7.45p.m

    12 – 13 September

    Long Eaton & District Horticultural Society AUTUMN Show - held at the Coronation Hall, Toton, 2.00p.m to 5.00p.m on the Saturday and 10.0am to 3.45pm Sunday.


    22 September

    Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Tony Taylor – ORCHIDS

    Meeting starts at 7.45p.m

    2 October

    The Manor, Toton – meal at 7.30p.m


    27 October

    Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – Geoff Smith –OVERWINTERING FUCHSIAS

    Meeting starts at 7.45p.m




24 November

Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society Monthly Meeting – AGM and Christmas Buffet

Meeting starts at 7.45p.m